Friday, April 6, 2012

Sweater Love : Cozy Wolf Top

Source: Forever 21

It's no secret that I love wolves. (Foxes run  a close second, but wolves will always win in my book.) 
Though my wardrobe consists of a lot of gray and black, every once in a while I'll throw in a pop of bright pink or teal to keep it interesting - especially if there's an awesome graphic involved. 

This pullover from Forever 21 clocks in at a fantastic $8.99, and was a deal I couldn't pass up.
 I love it! I'll be sure to share pictures whenever it appears in my mailbox.
Keep it wild!


  1. Sweetness. I can't wait to see you rock that sweater.

  2. What a fantastic find! My mom is crazy about huskies, wolves and any other similar animal. I have to watch every movie that has any of those in it even. Thankfully I love them too<3


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