Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Adventures : Mountain View Cemetery

Mountain View Cemetery is absolutely gorgeous. Misa and I journeyed here on a quest for landscape photos, and it turned out to be an excellent choice! The view from the top of any hill is awesome. Though it's a bit hard to tell in my hastily combined photo, (pay no attention to the double tree) I could see almost all of the cemetery, downtown Oakland and the Bay from our little vantage point on one of the back hills.

These little yellow flowers jumped out and caught my attention.

I would have loved to have access to this fairy-like tunnel as a kid.

(I'll have to go back another time and capture it in full bloom, too!)

Tulip army.

Contemplative angel.

An awesome ironwork door.

Strength of stone.

Circle of life.

Long lost pyramid.

Green patina. (Another door - I love them!)

Guardian Angel.

Goodbye, sunshine.

Thanks for looking!

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  1. Great pictures!! I love 'don't pay attention to the double tree!'. lol It actually took me a second to notice!


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