Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Crafty : Feathers, Sparkles and Buttons, Oh My!

Some random day not too long ago, Kim and I were feeling creative. So we combined our efforts, busted out all our crafting materials, and took a look at what we had. She's a big fan of Michael's (and slowly turning me into one as well), and I've been collecting random bits and pieces of sparkle and shine over the years.

That's a lot of random stuff. It's like treasure hunting!

For fun, I decided to play with the pretty and take a few pictures before things got turned into other things.

~ Ephemera ~

Decisions, decisions...

Close up on the sparkles.

A little demonic, but still cute!

Anime Cutie.

More sparkles.

After all was said and done, I decided to make a feather fascinator... albeit a bit smaller than the ones I've seen online. I think it turned out pretty cute!

Mission accomplished.

Kim's still working on her thing, which involves stitches and whatnot, so it's going to take more time than mine. I'm excited to see the finished product. 'Twas a very fun creative adventure, and I'm super lucky that not only do I get to live with my best friend, but also that we inspire each other so much. (We'll be opening up an Etsy shop soon, if all goes well ~) Dream team, woohoo!

We're pretty cool. 

Thanks for looking! What creative adventures have you been up to lately?

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