Saturday, June 23, 2012

Little Things in Daily Life

It seems like it's always the little things that cheer us up and get us through the day. Is it because we're stressed and want to find a deeper meaning in the simplistic, so these little things suddenly seem so much more than what they normally are? Or is it the opposite: that these things are so simple and pure that we are drawn to them, and away from the chaos of human life? I think I'm leaning toward the latter answer, though I'm sure it could go either way. 

Here's some little things keeping me happy.  :)

Catching a glimpse of a sleepy bird, all puffed up and getting warm in the sun.

Getting sneak attacked with the camera while baking tasty treats.
(Though I may not look ecstatic, never fear! Skeptical is my go-to face. Who knows why.)

Receiving flowers from a special someone - for absolutely no reason at all! Just love.

Watching the boyfriend become 'Lord of the Fire' as he attempts to master the flames. <3

Hanging out with the cat.

When the power fails and we've got no choice but to use candles... and we're excited about it!

One word : LYCHEES!

Having a compatriot for silliness.

There you have it!
A little peek at some of the little things in life that are keeping my spirits up and making me smile.

What's making you happy right now?

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Snapshots of Oakland

A small collection of some of my favorite spots around town.
(Extra props if you recognized Lake Merritt & Room 389 up there. ^-^)

Even though I'm drawn to the heavy architecture and grit of cities, it's nice to get a break from concrete every once in a while. I love being just a short walk away from multiple bodies of water (with coffee nearby!), and being surrounded by amazing plant-life is awesome. They may be simple enjoyments; but they're some of my favorite things about where I live, and I'm very grateful for them. 

Hope you enjoyed the mini-tour of Oakland!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Creepy Cute : Arboreal Salamander

I was out one night having a chat with my neighbor, when her cat discovered something towards the back of our building. We investigated, and much to our surprise - we found a little Arboreal Salamander!

He looks neat, but also a little spooky. 
I was worried that the little guy might have been, ahem, snacked on by the cat... 
he did look a bit shocked, but otherwise seemed to be in decent shape.
I believe I will refer to this salamander as Sir Lucky, should he ever appear again.
Heading to a safer spot.

Now you've met the newest member of our building! 

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Delicious : Coffee, Chocolates & Clafouti

I'm finally starting to remember to bring my little camera with me whenever I go out into the world. WOO!
Here's some fun treats that have recently made their way into my life:

Morning wake-up with Bicycle Coffee at Room 389
(Cafe by day, Bar by night - it's a very chill place.)

Adorable chocolates from Michael Mischer in Grand Lake.
I need to try the champagne and the salted caramel next, for sure.

We snagged: a lavender chocolate shaped heart, and a swirly baked apple chocolate.
Both were super tasty!

A perfectly sweet blueberry clafouti, made by Kim. Yum!

I think the weekend is always a good time for a special treat.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Adventures : Party at the End of The Universe

There was a time... in a galaxy far, far away... when my good friend Shannon celebrated her birthday - which happened to be May the 4th aka National Star Wars Day! (May the Fourth be with you. I am so behind! ) She hosted an awesome Sci-Fi themed extravaganza, and it was delightfully space-tastic.

 I was on a tight budget, so my costume was mostly in the makeup & dreads - it was time to have fun with color!

I looked to the ladies on the left for inspiration. 
Glitter brows, white dotted cheeks and striped dreads - woo!

Gatekeeper of Sector 9 from Planet Sparkle, reporting for duty.

The famed Swirly Foot of my people.

Kim and I have urgent business to attend to in  S P A C E !

Isaac rocked super fun glow glasses. 

Miss Birthday Girl Shannon and an awesome Leia!

Attempting Jedi mind tricks with Misa & Kim.

See you Space Cowboy...

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sweater Love : Chasing Color

I really do love all the black & gray in my closet, but sometimes even I get bored and need a bright pop of color to shake things up. (Having said that... I'd also probably pair all of these with black & gray, but it matters not!) 
If it's an especially nice shade of blue, epically patterned, or ombre - chances are very solid that I'll like it. 
Onward, to bright hues!
(Source : ASOS )
Sherbert Ambitions.

(Source : UO)
Teal Time.

(Source: Debenhams)
Pastel Ombre.

(Source: Anthropologie)
Adorable flower pattern!

(Source: Sheinside)
Hearts & Pups.

(Source: Sheinside)
Blue Dream.

(Source: ASOS)
Bold Peruvian.

(Source: Sheinside)
Neon Roses.
Definitely toes the line of tacky, but I still love it!

Can't get enough sweaters? Check out Cardigan Noir's Sweaters & Shoes board on Pinterest!
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Hope you enjoyed the colorful journey. <3

Friday, June 8, 2012

Adventures : Morcom Rose Garden

Oakland's Morcom Municipal Rose Garden is stunning. In true rainbow style, there was a veritable riot of color happening. The garden is absolutely packed with roses of all kinds, and it's a great place to take a peek at some gorgeous flowers, enjoy a walk or read a book. It's also free!

I had a grand old time prancing around through the flowers.

Non-conformist Iris declines joining the pack of roses.

Dangerously awesome wooden table.

Lucky coincidence: my peachy makeup happened to match this flower!

A wild duck appeared!
Chels used: 'Befriend'.
It was ineffective.

Hilltop view of Oakland.

Quote from above :

I can never say no to flowers, they always inspire me. ^-^


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