Thursday, June 23, 2011

Cardigan Noir, What Are You All About?

Gentlemen, it's lovely to see you. Please don't immediately book it to the back button, they're just flowers! If you must, I understand. But perhaps you'd like to look around first? There could be far too much (ugh) girly on this page for your sensitive eyes, so if you're allergic, no worries. Otherwise, let's hang out!

Ladies! Let's chat. This blog is mostly for you, straight truth. Especially if you're a sci-fi/fantasy/paranormal romance book devouring- anime watching- sweater collecting- video game playing- electronic music loving fool, who's addicted to cute, crafts, and baking. (Also hair dye.)

I mean, I can't be the only one... right?

No lie, I am a giant goofball. It could be possible.

It's cool, I can break it down even further for y'all. Here's what I'll be talking about, bullet point style:
  • Recommendations for Books, Anime, Movies and Music. They won't have a rating or anything like that. If it's up here, I like it- and I'll tell you why.
  • Sweater Love <3 : A documentation of all the beautiful sweaters I wish were in my closet. This girl is broke, for serious- but there's nothing wrong with a little window shopping & wishful thinking!
  • Crafty & Delicious: DIY projects and tasty recipes from around the web that I've personally attempted & completed.
  • The Cute: Exactly what it sounds like, something cute... just because. Maybe you'll be seized with the desire to possess it, or perhaps it'll just put a smile on your face. ^-^
  • Adventures of Chels: Life stuffs, escapades and snapshots to make my fail brain remember better. 

 Whether you're interested in one, all, or none of these things, thanks for stopping by! I'd love to hear from you. I'm not the most experienced blogger (see: mass overuse of parenthesis), but my heart's in it if that counts for anything.

To kick this bad boy off, here's a gem from Reddit today: an excellent original remix of Disney vocals and samples, by Pogo. It's really beautiful. Clearly I've always wanted to be a Disney princess. Enjoy!

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