Thursday, April 12, 2012

Delicious : Spring Inspired Lunch

Today's lunch was super simple, and consisted of a sliced Pink Lady apple, Mandarin oranges, and Fontina cheese - all drizzled with Orange Blossom honey. Yum! It kept me in a very Spring-like mood. 

I've been trying to incorporate way more fruit and honey into my life, and so far it's going well!

Protip: If you happen to also be afflicted with allergies, eating local honey on a regular basis can help - since it's full of the pollens that may be setting your allergies off. It truly needs to be local though, otherwise you'll be training your body to deal with pollens that might not be in your area. ^-^

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  1. the little drops of water on those oranges really sell that plate of delicious.


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