About Me

Hullo, I'm Chels!

I'm an incredibly short wordsmith, trying to keep my skills sharp and document my path as I quietly attempt to live life to the fullest. I craft, I bake, I geek out and love many things - mostly books- but also anime, video and board games, music, sweaters, and cute things. This blog is my way of sharing them. 

Need more random facts, do you? Well then, here we go!
I am:
-  25 years old
-  An INFJ
-  An Aquarius
-  5'2" tall
-  A maker of way too many lists.
-  A big fan of manners, food festivals, and dogs.
-  Incapable of abiding plain white walls in my home. (Quickly, cover them with art! Or wallpaper! Something!)
- of the firm opinion that Cafes Au Lait rock.

I hope you find something entertaining and enjoy your time here! 

{Thanks for stopping by.}

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