Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Viking Vampires

Confession: I've been sucked into the world of Sookie Stackhouse, and I can't escape. (Nor do I want to!) It may have taken me eleven years to finally give in and pick up the series, but now that I have I'm completely hooked. I'm on book four at the moment. Double bonus: I waited so long to start this series that now it's almost complete! You can bet I'll be zooming right along through all eleven books until I'm caught up. :) Charlaine Harris, thank you for creating such wonderful characters. 

But I must say this:

Needs more Eric, all the time!


  1. Yes! Needs more Eric! Hahaha, do you watch the show?? I started reading the books after seasons 2 ended. To be honest I think the show is better and more detailed than the books. But I still read them to get my True Blood fix, especially since we decided not to get HBO for this current season.

    1. I do watch the show! :) I actually started that first, and took up the books to get my Eric fix, ahaha. It definitely feels like the show gives us a more involved look at what being a vampire is like, versus what it's like being a human/supe who has to deal with vampires. I prefer the way book Sookie is written overall, though I do like Anna Paquin very much.

      And of course, everything that Alexander Skarsgard does is gold. ^-^

      Have you read all of the books? I think the final one comes out next year.

    2. I read the first 5 books. I like to stay one step behind then show. The show is so crazy dramatic and I love being surprized! My jaw drops like 20 times an episode! But I still love reading the books to see how the original story goes : )

      And speaking of jaw dropping (lol) have you seen Alexander Skarsgard in Melancholia? It's a strange movie and he is only in the first half(ish) but his character is the opposite of Eric. It's fun to see! Even though the movie is pretty depressing. It's on Netflix instant watch if you've got it!

    3. Nice! The show IS super crazy dramatic, and I love that as well. I want to see more Lafayette, but at the same time I'm glad his character is getting a break from constant evil shenanigans. It was awesome to see Tina Majorino pop in for a few episodes too. :)

      I have not see Melancholia - but I will be rectifying that very soon! ^-^


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