Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Desktop SS : Space Cowgirl in August

Edward & Ein, the space-adventuring wonder duo.

It's no secret that I love corgis, and some credit for my obsession with them must be given to Ein. (How can you not love an adorable dog that can sniff out data, and is an incredibly fantastic hacker?) Edward's an amazing hacker as well, but I'm more impressed with her crazy zest for life. I wish I had that much energy! ^-^ 
When you combine the two of them, happiness and smiles aren't far behind.

You can grab this orangey-delicious wallpaper here.

See you Space Cowgirl.


  1. Ooo Cowboy Bebop! My boyfriend is obessed with that series! Cute desktop : ) I love your icons too!

    1. It's a great show! ^-^ Glad to hear you liked my little icons, woo ~


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