Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sweater Love : Chasing Color

I really do love all the black & gray in my closet, but sometimes even I get bored and need a bright pop of color to shake things up. (Having said that... I'd also probably pair all of these with black & gray, but it matters not!) 
If it's an especially nice shade of blue, epically patterned, or ombre - chances are very solid that I'll like it. 
Onward, to bright hues!
(Source : ASOS )
Sherbert Ambitions.

(Source : UO)
Teal Time.

(Source: Debenhams)
Pastel Ombre.

(Source: Anthropologie)
Adorable flower pattern!

(Source: Sheinside)
Hearts & Pups.

(Source: Sheinside)
Blue Dream.

(Source: ASOS)
Bold Peruvian.

(Source: Sheinside)
Neon Roses.
Definitely toes the line of tacky, but I still love it!

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Hope you enjoyed the colorful journey. <3

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