Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Adventures : Party at the End of The Universe

There was a time... in a galaxy far, far away... when my good friend Shannon celebrated her birthday - which happened to be May the 4th aka National Star Wars Day! (May the Fourth be with you. I am so behind! ) She hosted an awesome Sci-Fi themed extravaganza, and it was delightfully space-tastic.

 I was on a tight budget, so my costume was mostly in the makeup & dreads - it was time to have fun with color!

I looked to the ladies on the left for inspiration. 
Glitter brows, white dotted cheeks and striped dreads - woo!

Gatekeeper of Sector 9 from Planet Sparkle, reporting for duty.

The famed Swirly Foot of my people.

Kim and I have urgent business to attend to in  S P A C E !

Isaac rocked super fun glow glasses. 

Miss Birthday Girl Shannon and an awesome Leia!

Attempting Jedi mind tricks with Misa & Kim.

See you Space Cowboy...


  1. awesome swirly foot of your people. there needs to be more epic parties like this one.


Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts! ^^

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