Saturday, June 23, 2012

Little Things in Daily Life

It seems like it's always the little things that cheer us up and get us through the day. Is it because we're stressed and want to find a deeper meaning in the simplistic, so these little things suddenly seem so much more than what they normally are? Or is it the opposite: that these things are so simple and pure that we are drawn to them, and away from the chaos of human life? I think I'm leaning toward the latter answer, though I'm sure it could go either way. 

Here's some little things keeping me happy.  :)

Catching a glimpse of a sleepy bird, all puffed up and getting warm in the sun.

Getting sneak attacked with the camera while baking tasty treats.
(Though I may not look ecstatic, never fear! Skeptical is my go-to face. Who knows why.)

Receiving flowers from a special someone - for absolutely no reason at all! Just love.

Watching the boyfriend become 'Lord of the Fire' as he attempts to master the flames. <3

Hanging out with the cat.

When the power fails and we've got no choice but to use candles... and we're excited about it!

One word : LYCHEES!

Having a compatriot for silliness.

There you have it!
A little peek at some of the little things in life that are keeping my spirits up and making me smile.

What's making you happy right now?

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  1. I can't bake anything now, our country is under a heat wave for almost two months now.


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