Friday, September 9, 2011

Adventures : Golden Gate Park & Best of Thai Noodle House

A while back I teamed up with my fellow adventurers Misa, Jesse, and Johnny 
(who was visiting from Chicago, woo!) to delve into the wonders of Golden Gate Park. Don't be fooled, this park is massive. I think I saw more varied types of vegetation in this one day than I've seen my whole life. 

The adventure starts on Fulton Street in San Francisco, our choice of entrance.

My compatriots trek through the Park.

My feet were also in attendance. I was loving the carpet of leaves & pine needles!

A perfect place to battle.

A gorgeous bridge offered a peek at the many layers of the park.

This (successful) tree was determined to stand out.

We saw so many roses!


They were all quite pretty. <3

We found this great little lagoon, with a waterfall ~

The swirl pattern of the water was pretty intense.

From there, we followed this cute stream...

... and I found my favorite plant (from this journey) along the way!

Poorly hidden hobbit-house or swamp monster cave, can't decide.

This little guy had awesome orange wing accents.

The passage of time.

A lilly said hello. 

More of the pretty.

Another stand out shrubbery. (I think he heard about the other tree.)

Twisted trunks.

We started to make our way out, and passed by the Conservatory of Flowers...

... and ended up at the Haight.

That means it's time to eat!

Best of Thai Noodle House. It's basically impossible for us to be in the Haight & Ashbury area and not stop at this place. Picked on a whim a year and a half ago when we were first apartment hunting, this smallish-but-delicious place blew our minds and instantly became a favorite. Like your food MEGA-SPICY? No problem. Want a milder version? Boom, done. What's that, you need a vegetarian option? You know they got it. The waitstaff is awesome, the place is cute, affordable, and everything tastes great. I can't even explain it, it's too good. If you have the chance, you should definitely go - and bring cash, they don't take cards. 


All in all, a fun romp through the woods of Golden Gate Park + a mini feast!

(Yosemite, hopefully you'll be next.)



  1. OMG YES Yosemite!!! But I fear we're gonna need to wait until after winter... unless we can get our asses down there fast. :/ Also, ROSE GARDEN. YOU, ME, KIM (If she's down). WE CAN GO THURSDAY IF THAT'S THE CASE. OMG LET'S GOOOO~~~!!

  2. Haha, we must go on more adventures! The Rose Garden has been calling our names for awhile, and though I really want to explore Yosemite, it may have to wait for a bit. Nonetheless, there are many more adventures in our future! ^-^ I'll talk to Kim about Thursday for the Rose Garden~


Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts! ^^

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