Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Delicious : Ego Tea Flowering Sampler

A little while back, Kim had ordered some free samples from Ego Tea. She snagged a Flowering Tea Sampler, which had three different kinds of green tea blooms: Golden Lotus, Green Tango, and Floral Eclipse. (Their current free sample is a non-blooming Moroccan Mint. It seems like the samples change depending on what's new, but they all look very tasty!)

We both love coffee and tea, so we were really excited about this. Not only is it delicious, but you get a beautiful display while the tea brews! Pretty cool.

The bloom.

The directions tell you to brew for 3-5 minutes, at 165 degrees (F). After heating the water, we dropped the bloom into the pot... and poked it with a chopstick to help speed up the process.
(I don't recommend doing that though, haha.)

Bit by bit, the bloom slowly started to unfold.

Fully open! (Still needs another minute to brew though, which is why the water is so clear.)

The tea was super delicious. The only problem I had with the sample was that we couldn't tell the differences between the blooms, so we were never quite sure which tea we were drinking.
 Luckily, they were all very good!

What's your favorite tea?


  1. That looks so pretty! God damn! And I bet it was delicious too.

    1. So delicious! I can't wait to make more. XD

  2. wow, chels... that looks beautiful! i can only imagine how fragrant the tea was!!!

    btw, i'm currently hosting a GIVEAWAY on my blog :) come by if you're interested and i hope we can connect!



    1. Thanks Dorothy! ^-^ A giveaway you say? Exciting! I'll be sure to check it out.

  3. Nice post! Check my blog and follow me if you want!


    1. Thanks much! ^-^ I'll be sure to check out your blog.

  4. This looks so cool! I've never tried one of those. Would love to see it "blossom" though!


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