Thursday, February 9, 2012

Adventures : 25th Birthday in SF!

Originally, I had wanted to go to a bass-thumping club for my birthday, as I've never actually been to one. Then I thought about it some more and realized two things : (1.) I had an idealized version of what clubbing would be like in my head; if it didn't live up to what I wanted it to be, I was going to be disappointed. (2.) I really was not prepared for the massive booty shaking, or near proximity to constant grinding (and overall sweatiness) which apparently is the whole point of clubs. (Some random weekend I will go, just to experience it... when I'm better prepared.)

So instead, I asked myself: what do I really like? 

Obvious answer: cupcakes!

So, I tailored the plan for the whole night around an adorable snack. Dessert and coffee first, followed by dinner, then a quick cab ride over to North Beach to spend the rest of the night at an amazing bar. Happy to say that even though I almost got run over by an old, drunken motorcyclist (missed me by two inches), the night went exceedingly well! Though I live just across the bay in Oakland, I don't go into San Francisco near enough. It felt absolutely wonderful to soak up the city atmosphere all night.

Our first stop: American Cupcake (pictured above and below).

Cuteness everywhere.

I was definitely into the pretty lights, but I couldn't be distracted from the cupcakes for long. The pixie stick flavor was mighty tempting, but I opted to go for classic vanilla. Along with a giant, delicious latte, I was one happy camper.

That's right, I eat my tiny cakes with a fork. Classing it up.

Heart-shaped espresso saucers and specialized plates for cupcakes? Yes please.

We sat outside at one of the tall round tables, grateful for the heaters that hung above and kept us toasty. Isaac (who was camera-man for the night, so I have no pictures of him-alas!) and Misa both snagged a mocha cupcake, and Jesse grabbed a carrot cake one.

After that, we made our way down the street to obtain a delicious dinner at Roam Artisan Burgers.

So good.

After we finished our feast, we caught a cab and headed over to Vesuvio's, one of the coolest bars I have ever had the chance to chill in. The place almost felt like a louder, more crowded cousin to Chicago's Green Mill Cocktail Lounge. Awesome woodwork was everywhere, the walls were completely covered with framed art, and the vibe was fun. 

Tasty drinks and good conversation ensued. 

Jesse and Misa being adorable outside the bar.

We considered bar hopping, but the interesting decor and sweet upper balcony at Vesuvio's captured our hearts, (and we managed to obtain an awesome table upstairs, and we would not have found it's equal had we left) so we spent the remainder of the night there. I also saw my first Peachy Puff (SF's original cigarette & candy girl service) as she made her way through the bar scene. Pretty cute. 

All in all, the night was exactly what I had hoped for: a chill evening with good friends, taking a mini (relatively budget friendly) tour around San Francisco after the sun went down.


  1. Your pictures of the inside of the cupcake place make it look much more ambient... from what I recall it was like, "GAH! LIGHT THE CUPCAKES WITH THE POWER OF A MILLION SUNS!" Or maybe my light sensitivity was just high that night.

    1. Haha, 'A MILLION SUNS!'. The pink light was pretty powerful, for sure. :)

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